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The 9Wonders of Port Dickson is a collection of Nature Parks in Port Dickson. A favourite among the tourists as well as the locals is our famous PD Ostrich Show Farm! Fancy a race with Hilda the Ostrich? Or a ride on Jessy, our star camel?

The Ostrich farm is just one of the many ‘first’ parks in Malaysia – we also have the PD Cat Cafe, the PD Dog Park and Dinosaurs in the Jungle. There is something for everyone – young and old alike. Each of these parks have their unique attractions and can be visited jointly or separately.

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PD Ostrich Show Farm

PD Ostrich Farm

This is the only ostrich show in Port Dickson. But don’t let our name fool you, we have much more than ostriches. You can meet Jessy, our rescued camel; Pepper & Eugene, the donkey brothers; Bobby the Goat & Musakan the Sheep, and Ah Moi and her sister cow Amalina. Go ahead, call them by their names and see if they respond to you! Did someone say, rabbits? We have them running free (but they are rotated back to their quarters regularly to give them rest and de-stress). And don’t leave without taking pictures with the star ostrich, Puteri Rajen; she was born to take photographs!
PD Ant Planet

PD Ant Planet

This is the first Ant attraction in Malaysia.Let us know if you know of any other ant attractions anywhere else in the world because we cannot be sure. Inside Ant Planet, you can peep into the world of ants, see the differences between the various cities of ants; yes, their impressive architecture. Have an understanding of what they are doing under the soil and why they are so important to us, humans. You will look at ants differently after just one visit.

PD Cat Park

The Cat Park is housed in a walk-in Cage where the cats are allowed to roam freely. You can feed, play and take pictures with them.


PD Herbal Oasis

With more than 200 types of herbs in our garden, this is a must visit destination if you are interested in how herbs can help improve your health or even deal with a health challenge. We are open on weekends and by prior arrangements. We even offer cooking, planting and other classes for those interested in incorporating herbs into their daily lives.

PD Jungle Park

This park is for activities, which include camping, ATV rides, archery, boating and soon, crayfishing. We also offer night jungle walks by appointment.

Dinosaurs in the Jungle

This was set up specifically for children to enjoy these giants in their natural environment as if they were still alive today! The largest of these sculptures measure almost 20 feet long. Come and be amazed!

Seashell Museum

The Seashell Museum has many exquisite seashells from all over Malaysia and surrounding seas. Most of them are for sale, and you can also do a DIY handicraft with seashells! Next to this museum is the Aquarium where we have a small collection of fish. Soon, crayfishing will be available.

CP Garden

Carnivorous Plant Garden

We know animals eat plants and many a farmer and even gardeners lament about animals and insects destroying their greens. It’s time for the plants to strike back — welcome to Carnivorous Plant Garden, where insects are eaten alive by, yes, plants and flowers! You might even want to buy home a plant that catches mosquitoes and reduce your risk exposure to dengue or get a sister green terror to catch those pesky houseflies.


Team Building

Our parks provide a conducive environment for corporate Team Building sessions. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, your team members get the opportunity to bond and build each other up!

What our Visitors say …


My daughters love this place because my daughters is animal lover. They very enjoy play and fed the animal. The staff very friendly they like to entertain my daughters and always give priority to us…


Nora Mei Li


Thank you to Mr. Rajen for entertaining my kids. He was very friendly and helpful too.


Raja Shaharil Nasir


Great place to relax on a weekend with family & especially with children. There are lovable animals to pet. Besides, the whole trip can be both experiential & educational. Must not miss.


Stanley Liew


This place is a good quick getaway for the whole family. The place is clean and the staff friendly. With the RM13 adults and RM8 kids’ entrance fee it is worth your time here. Plenty of things for the kids to see, touch and learn.


Raja Jamal Raja Hedar

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